We are more than1,200 anti-violence organizations, serving millions of survivors, that have come together to ask the NFL to invest significantly in a long-term, comprehensive community engagement strategy and a multi-faceted public awareness campaign to end violence against women and girls.

The NFL has a powerful platform to be leader in ending violence against women and girls.  On October 2, 2014, we delivered this letter to the Commissioner Goodell and the NFL sponsors.

Violence is not specific to the NFL or to its players. But if the NFL is serious about stepping up, it can use its enormous resources and reach to send powerful, resonant messages that promote respect for women and girls.

The enormous public outcry shows that the public understands that domestic violence and sexual assault are wrong and wants the NFL to be a leader in making the lasting change we all want.

Join us now, sign up to support an end to violence against women today.

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Sample Facebook Post or Tweet: Take a picture of yourself or someone in your community wearing the jersey of your local (or your favorite) NFL team holding a sign #NFLGameChanger #EndViolenceAgainstWomen. Post a status update on Facebook and/or Tweet out the image.

Sample Facebook Post: We’re asking the NFL to use its enormous resources and reach to promote respect for women and girls and help end the violence. That’s why [your organization] has joined NFL Game Changer!

Sample Tweet: Violence is preventable. This is a watershed moment for the NFL. #NFLGameChanger #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

Sample Tweet: Russell Wilson is leading on and off the field to end violence. #NFLGameChanger #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

About Us

We are a group of individuals and organizations that have recently come together under the banner of “NFL Game Changer.” This campaign is not affiliated with any one organization, but instead reflects a network of individuals and organizations that believe that the NFL can be a game changer in ending violence against women and girls, that prevention is key and that a long term investment in community engagement and primary prevention is what is needed.  If you have any questions, please email us at nflgamechanger@gmail.com!

Trina Greene, Move to End Violence; Debbie Lee, Futures Without Violence; Kelly Miller, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence; Eesha Pandit, Writer/Activist, and Nan Stoops, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

#NFLGameChanger  #EndViolenceAgainstWomen • For more information, contact us at nflgamechanger@gmail.com